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Obtaining a recognized certified rank in the martial arts of any level is a rewarding and exciting achievement. We at the International Bujinkan Dojo Association, Known as IBDA and Bushindo Martial Arts University look forward to helping you to become the best martial artist that you can be. Rank testing gives you the necessary feedback to let you know where you are on the path. We have put a lot of hard work and extra effort into assuring that you get a strong curriculum loaded with valuable information in a step by step progressive learning process.

Please note that although we are pioneers in providing such things as a Ninjutsu Home Study- Distance Learning Program for our students that live far away from a dojo (or just want to learn on their own or add to their existing dojo training), whether the student studies in the actual physical dojo with us or studies only from the dvds, all testing is done with the same high standards. Please understand that this standard is not always met by other Ninjutsu or Bujinkan instructors whose requirements for the same ranking level may be less than or different from ours. We want our students first to be well educated and secondly to be proud of the ranks that they earn. Why have a rank that you cannot represent with pride and recognition of accomplishment? ALL ninjutsu ranking given by us at IBDA and Bushindo Martial Arts University comes directly certified from Grandmaster Hatsumi in Japan and is signed by Master Van Donk as well. This means your ranking will be recognized worldwide.

Please beware of wannabes and so called secret Ninja Clans who tell you that the instructor was taught privately by an old Japanese neighbor that died giving them all the secrets. This is not to say that none of these claims are true - just choose well - preferably a credible instructor that is recognized by everyone as valid. And you can't go wrong with Grandmaster Hatsumi and Master Van Donk who are recognized members of the prestigious World Head Of Family Sokeship Council.

Simply put, ALL Students who wish to TEST for rank with us must first have IBDA membership dues current and either be:

  1. Enrolled for Ninjutsu study as a direct student at one of our IBDA Affiliate or Branch Dojos.
  2. Enrolled in our Ninjutsu BlackBelt Home Study Course Program as a purchaser of the Entire Course
  3. Enrolled as a Registered Buddy of someone who is enrolled in the Home Study Course.
  4. Enrolled or qualified as a registered student by having purchased a current membership, Shodan training manual, Japanese pronunciation cd, and at least the first 3 dvds of the Black Belt Course (9th, 8th and 7th Kyu)* Note: this is now known as the Ninjutsu Startup Package. (We decided to allow testing for those who are committed and could only afford a few dvd at a time. We appreciate your continued dedication.)
  5. You have been grandfathered in (meaning you have successfully tested with the Shodan Course before Jan 1, 1999).
You must meet the above criteria to test with us. We are sure that you want a standard that you also can be proud of. Contact us at if you still have questions.

For those members on the Buddy system: though you may test on the same video together the testing fees will need to be submitted individually by each person testing. We are unable to extend a discount as we pay qualified instructors to review each person individually on your submitted ranking review vhs tape or dvd. They prepare a written feedback sheet instructing you on how well you did and what exactly you need to improve on to get the best progress in your training. The majority of the testing fee actually goes to the International Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Japan for your rank certificate sealed by Soke Hatsumi.

You will be required to know the information in the Shodan No Maki Student Guidebook and on the Home Study Course to achieve rank. You will earn your belts and feel proud to wear them. A student's inner spirit, attitude, and achievements in life are graded as well as their taijutsu (body movement) ability. You can test in person at our dojo (prearranged), at seminars done by Shihan Van Donk, at one of our Certified IBDA Branch Dojos, at one of our semi-annual camps (great way to do a BlackBelt test) or by sending us a video (video tests only up to 1st kyu). The rankiing requirement sheets are in your Shodan manual and are available on the website). It is recommended that you have some personal training with us when you reach 4th kyu level and 1st kyu level but it is not required if you are doing well. The Shodan (1st degree BlackBelt) test is only given in person.

We have carefully designed a very workable feedback system. Does it work? YES, Our Ninjutsu Home Study Course students who have started and trained with this course have even become 10th dans from Soke Hatsumi and many are now over 5th dan. It works and you can do it too. When you submit a video for review we carefully give you feedback by charting out to you the things that will help you in your ninjutsu studies. Remember, the Shodan (1st degree Blackbelt) test is only given in person. Don't be shy about sending in a test video - it gets to be fun! Let us help you.   

All Bujiinkan Ninjutsu (aka Budo Taijutsu) ranking certificates come from Soke Masaaki Hatsumi in Noda, Japan and are issued and certified by Shihan Richard Van Donk.

CURRENT FEES (as of 1/01/07 - fees may fluctuate with the yen):

  • $40 for each in person testing kyu level certificate,
  • $40 for each video testing kyu level certification, 
  • $150 for 1st Dan certification,
  • $250 for 2nd Dan,
  • $350 for 3rd Dan,
  • $450 for 4th Dan.

To be properly ranked in this art you are required to obtain ranking certificates beginning with 9th kyu. If you do not have a certificate you do not hold that rank. It is your responsibility to submit the application form at the bottom to the International Bujinkan Dojo Association headquarters when you wish to be tested and to attach the proper testing fee. In the event that you do not pass, the fee will be returned at your request or we will hold it until you are ready to try again. To be eligible to apply for testing your annual IBDAo membership dues must be current.

Good Luck and as Soke Hatsumi says, "Keepa Going" !

Complete and return this form with correct test fee
Also available in PDF - format ( 58 KB ) -- DOWNLOAD HERE

Get Acrobat Reader You will need Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

YES! I wish to be tested for my next rank.
______ Please schedule me for In-Person Kyu Testing Enclosed is fee of $40
______ Video test for _________ Kyu level- written feedback Enclosed is fee of $40
______ Please schedule me for In-Person _____ Dan Testing

Enclosed is fee of $________

____ My Membership is Current
____ My Membership fee is enclosed ($30US/$35 foreign)

The latest International Bujinkan Dojo ranking certificate I currently hold is

which I received from (instructor)_________________________________

on ______________ date.

I now wish to test for _____________ (circle one) Kyu / Dan

Name _____________________________

Address ____________________________________

City __________________________________ State ____________

Zip ___________


Telephone # ________________________ Date : ______/______/_______

You can Fax with credit card details to 707-987-2365 or
Mail to Bushindo P.O. Box 296 Middletown, CA 95461

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